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Do you offer a guarantee on all campaigns?2020-05-21T11:59:50-07:00

Yes. All standard campaigns come with a patient referral guarantee. If you are running a more difficult trial or would like to customize the digital pre-screener questions that the patient must answer prior to signing-up then we are unable to offer a guarantee.

However, if you prefer more qualified patients over volume, then a customized campaign is the route to go. Customized campaigns do not come with a fixed referral guarantee but, by adding study-specific pre-screening questions to your digital pre-screener, you will be able to receive higher quality referrals.

Are there any indications which you recommend not listing?2020-05-21T09:01:24-07:00

Yes. We take pride in our product and know that our method of recruitment does not work for some therapeutic areas. While we are always willing to help recruit for a new or rare indication, we cannot guarantee our results.

For a complete list of the indications or therapeutic areas that Trial Partners can help with recruitment, please Live Chat below or Contact Us.

What indications do you recruit for?2020-05-21T09:06:26-07:00

Trial Partners sources patients for a very wide variety of indications and therapeutic areas. For a full list of indications that we’ve worked on, navigate to the Order page and see the available options in the indication drop down menu.

If an indication is note listed, Live Chat us below or Contact Us to discuss.

I need patients faster – can I recruit for one week instead of two?2020-05-21T09:08:21-07:00

Yes – in fact, with Trial Partners, we will do our best to get you patients as soon as we can (especially if you tell us that you need them quickly). Our marketing team always tries to deliver all patient leads during your campaign timeline, but we are always happy to try and get them to you ASAP.

I am going out of town – can I pause my recruitment campaign?2019-05-31T03:43:16-07:00

We keep our costs low by keeping things simple. Since pausing campaigns can result in very disruptive administrative work and adversely affect patient sign ups, we do not allow campaigns to be paused once they are activated.

How do I list a study?2020-05-21T09:10:07-07:00

Listing a study is easy – first you must create an account with us. Once that’s done, you can click on the ‘Order Now‘ button at the top of every page or email us to get your study listed.

Do you offer discounts?2020-05-21T09:12:51-07:00

Yes. Trial Partners believes that loyalty is worth a benefit and we truly believe in helping our customers. For any first-time user, we offer a 10% discount on your campaign. If you are an avid user of Trial Partners or would like to be, we can offering a standing discount based on the number of campaigns you list per month. Contact Us to find an option that will work for you.

What if I’d like to speak with someone over the phone?2020-05-21T09:13:30-07:00

No problem! Please contact us via email or Live Chat and a team member will schedule a phone call with your site.

Do you offer any additional services?2020-05-21T09:14:56-07:00

Yes – we offer a variety of services, include creative design, reporting tools, and development work. See our service offerings for more details or contact us to discuss.

What makes Trial Partners unique?2020-05-21T09:32:29-07:00

Trial Partners is a marketing company that truly values our partnerships with research sites. We are the only vendor that allows for full customization of a recruitment campaign – in regards to prescreening questions – and provides a fixed guarantee on the number of leads we will provide your site for a standard recruitment campaign.

Do your referral guarantees change?2020-05-21T09:33:16-07:00

We will not change our referral guarantee after you’ve purchased a campaign with us, but our fixed referral guarantee numbers are subject to change based on current advertising trends.

What if I have more budget that I’d like to spend?2020-05-21T09:35:15-07:00

If you would like a recruitment campaign that exceeds our current offerings, we are happy to discuss a customized order for you. Please  Live Chat below or email us and we can discuss a custom listing price, timeline, and/or referral guarantee for your campaign.

Are these referrals from a database?2020-05-21T09:36:07-07:00

No. All referrals are real patients who are signing up for your study in real-time.

Will I receive better referrals from your recruitment service?2020-05-21T09:38:45-07:00

We believe that the patients we provide are the best quality referrals you will receive. Typically, the quality of a referral can vary greatly by one own’s perspective. For instance, if a referral doesn’t qualify for one study but enrolls in another – is that a bad lead?

On average, 98% of our patients will voluntarily fill out demographic information about themselves and provide previous medical history.  Additionally, if you choose to customize your campaign and add study-specific pre-screening questions on your landing page, then only patients who successfully answer those questions will be sent to your site.

What is your average screening rate for referrals?2019-05-05T06:15:26-07:00

Screening rates are difficult to measure and vary greatly by each study protocol. Since Trial Partners only provides potential subjects for a study and does not require any feedback on how these patients perform or what quantity ultimately enrolls in or screen fails from a study, we cannot provide any specific details.

How do you source your patients?2019-05-31T04:15:54-07:00

We find patients using all forms of digital advertising. Trial Partners does media placements on Google, social media platforms, as well as health blogs. Our Marketing Team has a background in media buying and we believe sourcing patients through digital means is the most cost effective for research sites. 

What definies a referral?2020-05-21T09:40:38-07:00

A patient referral is someone that has expressed interest in learning more about your research study. They will voluntarily opt-in by entering their contact information. Many patients will also fill out demographic information – and, if you customize your campaign, study-specific pre-screening questions – about themselves and their basic medical history.

Are you GDPR compliant?2020-05-21T09:41:15-07:00

We currently do not support any international campaigns. Our company does not have an EU representative.

Do I need sponsor approval to list my study?2020-05-21T09:43:42-07:00

Many sites will use their pass through budget or spend money out of pocket for our advertising services. Some sites prefer to get approval from the sponsor or CRO to run any advertising campaign through a third-party, but this is not necessary for all sites. Trial Partners can also conduct general, database-building, recruitment campaigns for your site.

If, however, you would like to run an advertising campaign for a study that will be reimbursed by the study sponsor, we always recommend getting approval prior to listing.

What if I do not have an IRB approved ad?2020-05-21T09:45:21-07:00

If you don’t have an IRB approved ad, don’t worry.

We can still list your campaign without any study details, however, the patient referrals you receive may be a bit broader and may not necessarily fit into your study since they will be unable to gather more information about the program prior to signing up.

Additionally, if you’d like us to design a creative for you, we can help! Contact us to discuss details.

Do I need IRB approval to list my study?2019-05-31T04:31:06-07:00

We can list your study without an IRB approved ad, however, the recruitment campaign will not be able to include any study details or mention of any risks or benefits for the patient. 

While we can list your study without an ad, we highly recommend utilizing approved materials. This will provide more information and build legitimacy in the eyes of the patient.

Where do I find my invoices?2019-01-23T15:21:56-08:00

Invoices will be sent to you via email after you purchase an advertising campaign. If you cannot find your invoice in your inbox, please check the spam folder.

None of my referrals qualified – can I get a refund?2019-01-23T15:21:30-08:00

We do our best to ensure that you’re getting patient referrals that are interested in joining your study. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that they will be qualified or interested in every study that your site is running. After we start advertising, we are unable to offer a refund.

The sponsor closed enrollement – can I get a refund?2019-01-23T15:21:09-08:00

If you contact us before we launch your advertising campaign, we can provide you with a full refund. However, once we begin advertising, we do not offer a refund.

Do you offer refunds?2019-01-23T15:20:43-08:00

Once we set up your campaign and begin advertising, we do not offer a refund. Campaigns are typically live within 24 hours.

If, however, you set up a campaign with a future start-date and request a refund, then yes, we are happy to provide one.

What if my referral guarantee is not met?2020-10-01T09:44:43-07:00

We do our best to hit your fixed referral guarantee on or before the campaign timeline. If we do not get you enough referrals, we’ll keep your campaign active and recruiting patients until we hit your guarantee.

How much does your recruitment service cost?2020-10-01T09:47:04-07:00

Our campaign costs vary by the length of time and number of referrals we will guarantee. Click here to see our package offering and find the one that best suits your needs.

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