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Our Mission

To help simplify clinical trials for sites, sponsors, and participants.

Our goal might be broad, but that is by design so we have room to tackle new problems, move quickly, and focus on all aspects of the clinical trial process.

From our combined decades of experience in the clinical research industry, we have learned to prize simplicity and transparency for research sites, and a focus on building trust with patients.

While we know research takes time, we wake up optimistic every morning that each new participant and each new study brings us closer to new treatments so that we can all live happy, healthy lives – and if we can simplify this process to make it just a little bit faster, more efficient, or more enjoyable for the people involved, then we feel like that’s a pretty good way to help.

Patient Recruitment, Simplified.

Select your indication. Choose your duration. Customize your pre-screener.

Referral Guarantee

All standard campaigns comes with a fixed patient guarantee.

Faster Timelines

Same-day start up means faster patients and more flexibility.

Completely Customizable

Ask patients customized questions to get more qualified referrals.

Our Experience

We believe in letting our numbers speak for themselves.

Site Partners
Patients Referred

We have vast experience in common and rare indications, in both major and rural markets across the US, and recruit patients in most major therapeutic areas, including:

  • Dermatology
  • CNS
  • Endocrinology
  • Cardiology
  • Healthy Volunteers/Vaccines
  • Gastroenterology
  • and many more

We only provide high-quality patients who pass an online, customized pre-screener so that each site doesn’t have to spend their valuable time chasing down poor quality leads.

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Research Sites

Your partner in becoming a top-enroller, every time.

Trial Partners works with research sites across the US to provide them with the best quality patients.

We stay site-focused in our efforts, knowing that your success means our success.

That’s why we:

  • Pre-qualify all of our referrals
  • Allow you to customize your pre-screening questions
  • Provide fixed referral guarantees
  • Have industry-leading study start-up times
  • Provide a dedicated account manager
  • Give your site access to a collaborative patient referral tracker
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Sponsors and CROs

Select your indication. Choose your duration. Customize your pre-screener.

No Contracts

We will work directly with your research sites to make your life easier. With Trial Partners there are no contracts and no long term commitments.

Referral Guarantee

Just like all of our campaigns, we’ll provide your research sites with a fixed patient guarantee on all standard listings. Guarantees will vary by indication.

Faster Timelines

If you have pre-approved materials, we can launch your site’s campaigns within 24 hours and have patient referrals coming in as soon as the next day.

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What We Offer

More than just patient recruitment.

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Ad Creation
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Patient Recruitment

Finding patients through Trial Partners is easy: Just select your indication and your timeline for recruitment. Advertising campaigns are based on one study (protocol) per location. All campaigns come with the following features:

  • 15 or 30 day recruitment timelines
  • Standard or Customized online pre-screener
  • Dedicated landing page
  • Online, secure patient tracker
  • Real-time email notifications
  • Personalized project management
  • All campaigns live within 24 hours

Standard campaigns come with a fixed referral guarantee. This means that we will not stop recruiting subjects for your trial until we have provided you with that number of leads; and we always do our best to hit our guarantees on or before your recruitment timeline. This is a great option if you have multiple studies for the same indication or like to database-build while recruiting for a study.

Customizing your campaign by including additional, study-specific, pre-screening questions is the best option for studies that have difficult I/E criteria. Adding custom questions to your campaign will remove any fixed referral guarantee, so you might receive fewer referrals than a standard campaign – however, the patients you receive will be a higher quality since they will have passed through a more stringent digital pre-screener.

Ad Creation

If you do not have any creative materials for your marketing campaign, we are here to help. Our professional graphic designers will create an advertising flyer for your site that can be used on your Trial Partners recruitment campaign, or anywhere else you’d like! Each creative comes with:

  • Professionally created, study-specific advertising images
  • The option to provide the ad copy you would like to use – or our team can write the copy for you
  • Full rights to the advertising creative
  • Up to 3 revision requests during the creation process

It is important to note that we can either create study-specific or generic advertising materials. If you would like to use the creative to recruit subjects for a specific trial, it is recommended you submit the creative for sponsor and IRB approval. As a recruitment vendor, Trial Partners is unable to submit materials on behalf of a research site.


Keeping track of your patients with Trial Partners is easy. With our Business Associates Agreement with Google, we provide each research site with a safe and secure patient tracker built with Google Sheets where all patient leads are stored. Rather than providing you with a complicated, new system to learn, Google Sheets works exactly like other spreadsheet programs you’re used to working with – making interacting with your leads simple. All patient trackers can be:

  • Shared with your colleagues
  • Accessed and updated by multiple users in real-time
  • Downloaded
  • Customized
  • Linked to any outside software or script through the Google App Script ecosphere

While all patient leads are emailed to your staff, our patient tracker allows you to store and access leads from any campaign and use the power of Google to make your own, customized reports and interactions with your patients. We understand that security and compliance, especially when it comes to patient data, are paramount. Through our secure, HIPAA compliant, patient trackers – powered by Google – you can feel safe working with Trial Partners.


Tired of entering data into multiple systems or wish that you had a web developer or programmer who could help you solve your day-to-day computer issues? We take our partnerships with research sites seriously, which is why Trial Partners offers customized integrations and development for our users. Let us help you streamline and automate your systems, including:

  • Sending leads automatically into to your CTMS
  • Send automatic emails/text message notifications
  • Create Excel/spreadsheet formulas
  • Write custom functions and scripts
  • Improve and update your website
  • Automate your social media posting
  • And much more…

Harness the power of technology and use our team to help make your work life easier. Contact Us for more information or to discuss a project which you’d like to implement.

Our Packages

Select your campaign length


  • 15 Day Campaign
  • Digital patient recruitment
  • Private Patient Tracker Access
  • Real-time Patient Referral Notifications
  • Online prescreening
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Customized pre-screening questions
  • 24 hour startup


  • 30 Day Campaign
  • Digital patient recruitment
  • Private Patient Tracker Access
  • Real-time Patient Referral Notifications
  • Online prescreening
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Customized pre-screening questions
  • 24 hour startup
Want a longer campaign?


  • 45 Day Campaign
  • Digital patient recruitment
  • Private Patient Tracker Access
  • Real-time Patient Referral Notifications
  • Online prescreening
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Customized pre-screening questions
  • 24 hour startup

Extended Plus

  • 60 Day Campaign
  • Digital patient recruitment
  • Private Patient Tracker Access
  • Real-time Patient Referral Notifications
  • Online prescreening
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Customized pre-screening questions
  • 24 hour startup
Need something custom? Click here to contact us.
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How We Find Patients


Trial Partner’s digital marketing team leverages hyper-local advertising and  social algorithms to identify potential subjects based on their online profiles, web history, application use, and location.


Potential subjects are redirected to a digital opt-in form where they are educated about your trial, its requirements, and the importance of medical research.


Interested patients then complete a comprehensive online pre-screener that captures demographic information, select medical history, and optional study-specific criteria to determine their eligibility.


Qualified patients are then contacted through Trial Pal. Your research site is then notified in real time whenever a new referral is available or if a patient would like to be contacted immediately.

What Our Clients Say

Trial Partners has been absolutely amazing! Not only is the team a pleasure to work with, but they continue to exceed our expectations with the speed and volume of referrals. They have quickly become our #1 choice for custom campaigns, and we are confident that they will continue to send us high-quality research patients.

Laura S., Desert Valley Research

Trial Partners is our go-to vendor for Patient Recruitment. Their team is highly responsive, accommodating, and most importantly – they perform. They provide solid and reliable value to their customers

Alan J., Clinical Research Professionals

Trial Partners have been an impressive advertising company to work with. Whereas numerous companies advertise quality, Trial Partners delivers on this promise- both in prompt, one-on-one customer service as well as providing qualified and interested patients for clinical trials. Thank you, Trial Partners!

New Horizon Clinical Research

Reach your enrollment goals faster with Trial Partners.

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